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Tenbury High School GCSE project

We have previously assisted students from Tenbury to complete a glass project as part of their GCSE art qualification.

We have previously assisted students from Tenbury to complete a glass project as part of their GCSE art qualification. Students selected elements from their school project sketchbooks, based on the theme of Alice In Wonderland to create imagery for their own individual sandblasted glass plates.

Tenbury High School – Educational Workshop

They used sticky backed plastic to cut and make resists to adhere to pre-fired coloured glass tiles. A sandblaster was then used to remove colour from the protected areas also making the sandblasted area frosted and opaque. Students later removed the resit to reveal their design. Additional pattern and decoration were created using engraving tools.

Workshops – Work from your sketchbook
Workshop Tools - Using the engraver

Students finally made decisions as to which tiles would be cut and where in order to re-arrange into a selection of pieces for a final design. The items were left with us to fuse together and later collected by the course tutor.

Finished items inside the kiln
Fused glass – Assembled components