Most frequently asked questions

Family / all ages (From Age 5yrs) or beginners workshops take approximately one hour to complete so when you book a session for this type of workshop you are booking a 1-hour timeslot.

All other workshops will show the date(s) and duration for that specified workshop as advertised and at the time of booking.

A basic 10cm x 10cm or 12cm x 8cm tile will cost £15 and the 2hour adult Lantern and Wave Panels are £44.

You can choose add-ons on the day such as drill holes so you can hang your piece, choose a slumped option so your piece becomes a dish or framing to create a framed picture. Most people like to decide if they want their piece drilled, framed, turned into a dish or just left as it is after they have completed their making session.

For fused glass workshops you will need to leave your creation with us so that we can fuse it in the Kiln, making your unique artwork one solid piece. If you are attending one of the sandblasted workshops, then in most instances you will be able to take your finished item away with you on the same day.

Children can participate in a family / beginner workshop from 5yrs.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you. There is plenty of inspirational material for you to get ideas from and you can always get in touch for some advice and tips so you can plan your tile before you arrive. It’s fun I promise.