Last updated: March 12, 2021

Safeguarding your privacy is extremely important to us and we have reviewed our Privacy Policy to take account of the new GDPR regulations.  You have a right to know what we hold, why we hold it, how we store it and that you can ask us for details to change or delete* your details at any time.

What we hold

What we hold depends on the nature of your interactions or business transactions with us. We only hold the information that is necessary for us to conduct agreed business with you. Such details could include:

  • Name and Contact details
  • Bank details where applicable
  • Order/Invoice history where applicable
  • Digital correspondence
  • Paper based correspondence
  • Signed business contracts where applicable

Why we  hold it

The law requires that processing of Personal Data be lawful under one or more the following legal justifications:

  • With valid consent from the Data Subject (the individual about whom the information is held)
  • Where necessary to perform a contract with the Data Subject
  • Where necessary for the legitimate interests of Kinki-Glass or Nikki Williams Glass or a legitimate third party (i.e in order to conduct a valid interaction or business transaction with the Data Subject)
  • Where necessary for compliance with a legal obligation
  • Where necessary to protect the vital interests of the Data Subject
  • Where necessary to perform a specific task carried out in the public interest
  • In short, we hold Personal Data in order to
  • To carry out business interactions
  • To process and complete business transactions
  • To meet contractual obligations
  • To meet legitimate business interests
  • To meet statutory and legal obligations

Sharing Information

Information is shared only with legitimate third parties:

  • Statutory bodies
  • Associates essential for the completion of contractual obligations
  • At an individual’s specific request
  • For legal reasons
  • We take all reasonable steps to ensure third parties are GDPR compliant.
  • Information is never sold to third parties.


We work to ensure the appropriate security of Personal Data whether kept in hard copy or in electronic form.  We demand hard copies are kept in locked cabinets with authorised access only. Electronic data is stored on encrypted devices accessible to authorised personnel only.

We will keep your personal data only as long as our business interactions/contractual obligations/legal obligations last and, where appropriate, we will ask for your renewed consent to hold your information on an annual basis (March).

We will carry out regular audits of information held and our security conditions.

Your rights

You have the right to check what information we hold on you, to change it or ask us to delete it* at any time.

*Some Personal Data cannot be deleted on request because of mandatory legal/statutory requirements.